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Hair replacement services are very popular these days. With people getting conscious about the way they look, hair loss treatments have become an integral part of everyday life. At hair loss Wolverhampton, we have a fully integrated systems for hair replacement. These services are customised as per client’s requirements and condition. The result is a full head of beautiful, natural looking hair. With over 25 years experience, we offer premium hair replacement services. This is an ideal solution for hair loss treatment.

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Fully integrated, cut and styled hair systems
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Some of the most asked questions we have answered below:

Q1) I am suffering from full head hair loss. Is hair loss Wolverhampton treatment for me?
A1) This system can be used for all levels of hair loss. With a variety of approaches and techniques designed specifically to offer solution to client requirements, the hair loss treatment can ideally fit your situation. Since blending is not an option for complete baldness, we can create a special system to ensure full head of hair.

Q2) How long will the treatment last?
A2) With proper maintenance, the system will last for at least a year. With proper care, it should last for 18 months.

Q3) Can I expect a private service?
A3) Yes. The consultation will take place in one of the specially designed private cubicles. Your privacy is taken care of and confidentiality assured.

Q4) Can I choose a specific hair style?
A4) Of course. You can choose whichever hair style you want. In fact, you can choose a color of your choice, length and the desired look. There are special procedures available to meet specific requirements of clients. We have experienced stylists who can create the kind of look you expect.

Q5) What about the cost?
A5) Well, there is no concrete price fixed for a system. The reason is a huge number of factors involved with each individual needs. Requirements come for different hair lengths, colors; amount of hair needed, styles, bases and a lot more can influence the cost of hair loss treatment. We do offer a free no obligation consultation to know the best system available for you.

Q6) Is there a possibility for made-to-measure hair replacement system?
A6) Yes, we create a special mould base on your head shape. The area demanding attention is also taken care of. This mould works as a base and real human hair is implanted with the help of a special technique that guarantees a wonderful, natural looking finish.

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Hough's Hair Specialist - in the city centre of Wolverhampton - non-surgical hair replacement systems.

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Hair Loss Replacement Wolverhampton.

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