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Looking for the answer to your hair loss? We specialise in hair replacement Sheffield.

What is the process and how does it work?...

You are able to use our non surgical hair replacement Sheffield systems for the successful treatment of male baldness – our speciality for dealing with male hair loss in a completely natural way. Over the last 25 years we have perfected our non surgical hair replacement systems, to resolve the concerns of numerous clients, to provide a full head of hair and improve appearance.

Traditionally 'hair replacement' has been associated with all kinds of artificial hair extensions, wigs, toupees. However, our hair replacement Sheffield is totally different – you not only gain a new hair volume without the hassle of surgery procedures, but it can also be cut and styled in any manner to suit your style and preference.

As you regain hair naturality, you will regain your elegance in a new way – looking naturally great with a sleek hairstyle. To attain natural combination of our service with your hair, we apply a bespoke approach which adapts the procedure according to each baldness pettern.

A system provides you with a full head of natural looking hair - fully integrated, blended, cut
& styled to any hair design - natural looking non surgical answer.

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Hair replacement Sheffield is the answer if you have full head or pattern baldness:

Fitting and cutting a hair replacement system.

Non-surgical, cost effective solution to you hair loss worries - starting from £450
Many happy clients from all over the UK


All pattern baldness.

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The reason why we have such a vast number of grateful customers coming from all places in the United Kingdom is both our innovative service and the exciting transformation for a sleek new appearance to delight you and all people around.

We welcome you to our Wolverhampton City Centre salon to have your first free consultation and learn about the effect you will gain, like a host of other men and women from around Britain have already become long term clients.

Hair loss treatment Sheffield.


What is the process? - explanation videos...

Watch the videos above and you will be able to see the process involved - and most importantly the end results. Wearing a system is easy and comfortable - the base is made from a non-sweat and ultra light mesh - it really is worht visiting us to find out more.

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