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We have 25 years experience and clients from all over the UK. If you are looking for hair replacement systems that are cut, coloured and styled to any hair design then we are confident we can meet your needs. If you are looking for the answer to your hair loss then a hair replacement system is it - a full head of natural looking hair.

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We offer free, no obligation consultations in a private cubicle - if you want to find out more and discuss hair systems then either complete our online form or call us to book in at a convenient day and time to suit you. Its all relaxed and friendly, honest!

Replacement Systems.

"You're only a few steps away from a full head of hair!

Some common questions and answers...

Q: Can I Swim & Play Sport? >>>

This is one of the most common questions - YES you can swim, shower and sleep with a system fitted - they are secure and if you wish to go swimming we use a certain type of waterproof fitting. There is no worries or concerns that it will come loose.


Q: What Are The Prices & Costs? >>>

What we provide is not the same for everyone - each is unqiue and therefore the price of each is different. What we do know is that we are very competitive on price and first and fullmost hair stylists without the pushing salesman approach.

To give an approx price for a fully fitted, cut and sytled system this is from £395 - we do not charge for consultations so why not visit us speak to David, Clare or Gary and go through the different options available and what the best hair replacement systems for you.
Q: How Long Do They Last? >>>

The actual hair replacement system itself will last upto 12 months - as long as you look after and maintain it. If you have pattern baldness then your 'own' hair will grow at its normal rate so you will need to revisit us every 4-6 weeks for a regroom to ensure the great natural look. This involves us cutting and styling the system and your hair to its full natural look.


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