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Difference Between a Wig, Toupee, Hairpiece & Hair Replacement

If you are trying to find out the difference and compare a wig to a toupee and then a hairpiece - the answer is
these are 'dated' & 'alternative' names for what is known as a hair replacement system.

Professionals and those within the industry a wig, toupee or hairpiece is known as a 'system' and if you want a
fully blended and integrated system for your hair loss you need a non surgical hair replacement system.

If you want a full head of natural looking hair the process is easy...
Fitting and cutting a hair replacement system.

We can provide the solution to your hair loss - get a fitted, cut and styled system from £250


All pattern baldness.

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What is non surgical hair replacement?...

If you have either full head hair loss or pattern baldness and wish to have a natural looking full head of short or long hair cut and styled in any way that you wish then what you need is a non surgical hair replacement system. It is often referred to as a 'wig', 'hairpiece' or 'toupee' but a system is fitted to exactly where you have baldness, so for example if you have hair round the sides and back, then the system is securley fitted to the centre crown area of your head and then cut and integrated with your own hair to blend in so that you cannot tell and it looks completely natural.

The results really are very good and no-one will know you are experiencing hair loss - with over 25 years experience we have clients who travel from London, Newcastle, Manchester and many other places from across the UK - after all if you want to find the solution to your hair loss it need to be done professionally so that is looks good - if it looks like a 'wig' and people can notice then its not really worth having a it done as it defiets the object.

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How are they fitted? - explanation videos...

Its worth watching the videos below (use the scroll bar to skip through if you wish) as it shows the whole process and the final look at the end - the before and after photos and look are fantastic.

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